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Random Retweeter

Easy way to build followers and get tons of Retweets

Get Massive Retweets

At Twitter , we have found out what works the best for getting retweets of your TWEETS. The art of retweeting. You have to Retweet or people will stop retweeting you. Most people simply Retweet people they know. Their followers may grow slowly and the effectiveness of their tweets are marginal.
Random Retweets is how you can get the most retweets for your TWEETS. Our solution is simple, we produce a list of people for you to RETWEET , randomly from our every growing database of twitter users. This ensures that you will get maximum exposure because most people that you Retweet will Retweet something of yours. The ADDED BONUS is that  a lot of them will also follow you back.
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Effortlessly Increase your FOLLOWERS

Some Magic Involved
The more REAL followers you have the better everything works. More people will see your tweets. More followers is a by product of random retweeting. What we found is that a high percentage of people that you have retweeted , will follow you as well as Retweet for you.
One account has had an increase of 35,000 new followers in just one year from doing Random Retweeting. Try us and watch your numbers grow
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Store and Send Tweets

This is like an Extra Bonus
The amount of time you spend on Twitter is critical , so why not use that time wisely. You can store an UNLIMITED number of tweets to send out, easily , anytime that you want. That saves a massive amount of time and effort on your part. Edit and delete tweets you no longer want. What could be easier?
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